Terms of use


At AnimalPlea.org, our objective and mission is to help change the lives of animals every day through the power of our voices. As many beliefs on animal treatment can vary by individual, these vastly different opinions must be respected as we help make this platform an open place for people to create change and be the voice for the voiceless. All users of AnimalPlea.org must adhere by these Terms of Service, including all rights and associated responsibilities of using any of our services on our platform.

The Terms of Service outlined below cover your activities on AnimalPlea.org, a platform which enables users to start petitions or promote petitions within AnimalPlea.org. These terms of services, rights and responsibilities also apply to any related actions made on AnimalPlea.org or via any third party platform or service which involves AnimalPlea.org.

1) User accounts

  • To perform most actions on our platforms and website, you will need an account. If you’ve forgotten your password, need help accessing your account, would like to delete your account, or if someone has taken control of your account, please use our contact page to get in touch. You must be at least 13 years or older to use AnimalPlea.org.
  • When you create a petition on AnimalPlea.org, you will be required to create an account. All other actions made on AnimalPlea.org after opening an account will be attached to your account.
  • When you choose to sign or promote and sponsor any petition, your IP address along with your name, amount sponsored and any other information you provide will be recorded and attached to your email or account to prove that you signature or sponsored amount was authentic. This applies to users who have an account and any other users who sign or sponsor and promote petitions who may not have an active account.
  • When you sign or create an account on AnimalPlea.org, you are required to provide complete and accurate information. Your email address must also be valid and active.
  • All users of AnimalPlea.org must take complete responsibility all actions done under your account, including any harm or damage done to any individual or our website and company AnimalPlea.org. You are held responsible for all actions made on your account, even if those actions were made without your permission. Be very careful with your password. Don’t allow anyone else to use your account as all actions made are the sole responsibility of yourself (the account holder).
  • You may not sell or transfer your account to any other individual or use anyone else’s account without permission. If your account represents a company or brand, you (the account creator) must take full responsibility of all actions made by you or anyone you give access to regarding your account. If any use on your account was not authorised by yourself (the account holder) please contact us and inform us on what exactly happened.
  • Users of AnimalPlea.org and it’s associated platforms must be at least 13 years of age. If you are younger than 13 years of age, we encourage you to get help from your parent or legal guardian to create an account and make use of our platform. To create a fair platform for everyone, we will delete any accounts of users younger than age 13 without any notice.
  • You (the user) are solely responsible for keeping backups of all content and everything you post or keep on any account on AnimalPlea.org.

2) You agree to our community standards

  • You are responsible for anything you post on any of our platforms. You should ensure that all content posted or uploaded to our site does not go against any law.
  • You are required to respect the intellectual property and rights of others. If we find that someone has repeatedly infringed on someone else's intellectual property or rights, we may find it necessary to delete any account without notice if they are found in violation with our standards.
  • General rules of conduct: All content you post on AnimalPlea.org is the sole responsibility of yourself (the account holder) however while using our platform, we ask that you maintain the following standards: DO NOT use any form of hate speech. DO NOT encourage, encite, or glorify any violence within your content. DO NOT impersonate any other person, email address, public figure, organization in any way. DO NOT create multiple accounts. DO NOT violate the privacy of others. DO NOT bully any individual in any way. DO NOT be unnecessarily graphic unless it helps the stated cause and respects others rights. DO NOT break the law or post content that is defamatory towards others. DO NOT cause any harm to children and DO NOT use AnimalPlea.org if you are under the age of 13. DO NOT post any content that includes any spam, virus, or any other script. DO NOT embed any content from websites other than YouTube, and Facebook at this time. DO NOT include any advertising when you submit content, including advertising for your Facebook, or other social media pages including excessive linking to outbound sources. DO NOT treat other users on AnimalPlea.org rudely or unkindly. DO NOT disrespect the rights of others.
  • User account enforcement on AnimalPlea.org: If we discover that any you or any other user is not abiding by our Terms of Use, or Content Rules, we reserve the right to warn you, and if proper action is not taken to resolve the issue, we may remove your account and all data within it. In some circumstances if we find major violations in your account, we may remove your account, all petitions and data without notice. AnimalPlea.org maintains the right to terminate, suspend, or remove any or all permission to use our platform in any way. We maintain the right to disable your account at any time, for any reason and with or without notice. We maintain the right to remove any user, and content for any reason in the event that any action is called from law enforcement or government agencies. If we choose to terminate any account for any reason, we may delete all content, usernames, passwords, uploaded content and any content that was previously added on AnimalPlea.org. We may not keep this information or have access to it at any time. If a user or our administrative team deletes any user account, the information associated with that account is deleted and will not able to be retrieved. In some cases content posted by a user may still be visible to others and not deleted even if a user has asked our system to delete the information. If you have more questions regarding this, please contact us.
  • By using AnimalPlea.org platforms and any associated services including sponsoring or promoting petitions, you agree that we will have no liability to you or ANY other third party for the termination of your account, or removal of your content, the blocking of your access to any our services within our platforms on or within AnimalPlea.org.
  • DO NOT do any of the following while accessing AnimalPlea.org or it’s services:
    1. DO NOT use our name “AnimalPlea” or “Animal Plea” without our permission.
    2. DO NOT copy any content or modify for your own use in any way or as a derivative of work.
    3. DO NOT reverse engineer or assemble code from our site.
    4. DO NOT attempt to discover our source code which is used for functions within our site.
    5. DO NOT tamper with or try to access the login areas or other non-public areas of AnimalPlea.org’s platform.
    6. DO NOT attempt in any way to disable, interfere with, or try to circumvent any of the features of our system related to security or any other features found on AnimalPlea.org.
    7. DO NOT scrape our site, or attempt in any way to access or search our system in any automated way except manually on our site as a individual user within the browser.
    8. DO NOT attempt to use AnimalPlea.org for any other use other then it’s original intended use.
    9. DO NOT attempt to access any of the databases found on AnimalPlea.org for any reason.
    10. DO NOT impersonate AnimalPlea.org in any way for any reason. If you are not associated with AnimalPlea.org or have written consent to use our name in any way, DO NOT use it!
    11. DO NOT send emails out in any way trying to impersonate our brand or website.

3) Posting user content

  • You (the user or account holder) maintain complete ownership of content you post within our platform AnimalPlea.org, You must make sure in all circumstances that you have permission or the authority to share the content you post. All content you post within your petition on our platform AnimalPlea.org must be allowed to be shared and publicly available.
  • Content you post on our site can be used by other media agencies, or websites around the web, so please ensure that the content you post you have full permission to use. All content you post as stated previously is the responsibility of yourself.
  • Content you post on AnimalPlea.org is publicly available and not confidential: Any comment, petition, or content you post on AnimalPlea.org is publicly available. There is no confidentiality with the content you post on AnimalPlea.org and all content is publicly available to other users. We don’t restrict access of any petition to anyone, so be careful of what you post as it is your sole responsibility of all content you post. You can read our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Content and photos you post on AnimalPlea.org: Any photos, videos, or other content you post remains yours, however by posting on AnimalPlea.org, you agree to give us access and usage rights to your content posted on AnimalPlea.org for marketing, promotional materials and grant us permission to share it anywhere we may please now and in the future. You also agree to grant us royalty free usage to use the content you post in any way we choose. You remain the owner of all the content you post, however by posting on AnimalPlea.org you authorize any media outlet to distribute and edit and share the content you post. By posting content to AnimalPlea.org, you agree to give us authority to edit the petition title, reformat your petition and edit contents as necessary. You agree to give us the right to edit or delete any petition without notice. By submitting or posting content within any of our platforms, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display, and distribute any of your content in any ways we like and all media or distribution methods that may exist now or later to be developed. This may include us giving access or making content available to other companies, organizations or any individual who may be partnered with Animalplea.org now, or in the future. By posting on AnimalPlea.org in any way, you agree to give us irrevocable usage rights to the content you post for any broadcast, or distribution method we may choose now or in the future. By posting on AnimalPlea.org, You agree to allow AnimalPlea.org to use any of the content posted on AnimalPlea.org in any way with no compensation paid to you.
  • Compensation: We don’t compensate any user for any reason for any content posted on AnimalPlea.org in any circumstances.
  • Your content and information: We don’t backup any of your information and at any time your petition, signatures stored, or other content you may have posted (updates etc) may be lost. We do our best to protect the information you store on our site, however we cannot guarantee that any content you post won’t be lost. It is your sole responsibility to keep backups of everything you post in the event any data is lost. By using our platform, you agree that your stored information and the potential loss thereof is your own responsibility. We don’t guarantee any storage on our site or the reliability thereof.
  • Website downtime or service outage: You agree that your usage AnimalPlea.org, content, petitions and pages may not function perfect. We may incur an outage of service or downtime and by using our site you agree to not hold us liable for any events that may happen do to an outage on our site. You agree that we have the right to terminate the usage of AnimalPlea.org at any time for maintenance or for any other reason.

4) Sharing user content

  • We encourage sharing of content from AnimalPlea.org on other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or sharing via email. If you share any petition with others, you should never impersonate the petition creator and may not remove any attribution within the petition when sharing.
  • When you share using an API or other sharing app on our site, you agree to the terms of use regarding that API or sharing app.
  • We do encourage sharing news relating to petitions on our site, however we kindly ask that you source us in the event any content is used or references to petitions on our site.
  • Sharing via Facebook API: You can share petitions on our site using the Facebook API. When you create an account, you will be asked to agree to our Facebook app. Once agreed, you can share on Facebook when signing a petition, after signing a petition, or after creating a petition. You can also share at anytime using the Facebook API after you have signed a petition on the original petition URL. When you sign a petition, you are given the option to post on Facebook. The message you enter within the “I’m signing because…” section will be automatically appended to your shared post when you sign the petition if you leave the checkbox checked: “Share with Facebook friends.” You are not required have to share when signing a petition or using AnimalPlea.org, and you don’t have to agree to our Facebook app allowing us to post on your behalf.
  • You are solely responsible for keeping backups of everything you post on the platforms.
  • Liability in sharing: Sharing is done at your own risk. We shall not be held liable for any dispute arising from sharing or any disagreement caused from sharing on any platform. All results from sharing content from our site is your own responsibility.

5) Sponsoring & promoting petitions on AnimalPlea.org

  • When you sponsor or promote a petition you agree that all funds contributed to the petition will be used in any way to advertise and promote the petition.
  • When you sponsor or promote a petition, you agree to pay all applicable credit card processing fees yourself.
  • When you sponsor or promote a petition, you agree to use your own credit card and have permissions for ALL payments made to AnimalPlea.org.
  • Funds you’ve sent us to promote any specific petition will be used in the most efficient way possible to increase exposure for the petition.
  • We promise to use all funds in sponsoring the exact petition you decided to promote. Your applied promotion funds will never be applied to any other petition unless otherwise stated or communicated to you via your prefered method of contact. If we are unable to reach you within 60 days for confirmation to change the promoted URL, we will use the funds in the best way possible to promote a similar petition.
  • When you sponsor or promote a petition you agree to give us irrevocable rights to use this money in advertising that specific petition on any advertising platform we choose.
  • The estimated “reach” that you will get is the possible people who this petition will be shown to via our advertising methods, we don’t guarantee any reach, the amount shown below each petition is an estimated number for estimation only.
  • You agree, understand and acknowledge that all payments made to AnimalPlea.org in any way are not tax-deductible as charitable donations. We use these sponsored payments to promote petitions that you choose only. and non-refundable.
  • Returns: Contributed money to promote a petition cannot be returned under any circumstance and are non-refundable. We use this money as stated to promote the exact petition you request and once you send us funds to use in sponsoring we may immediately apply these funds to the campaign. There is no way for us to get this money back from our advertisers, therefore we cannot guarantee any returns on money you’ve given us.
  • If you have a question or concern, please contact us.

6) Advertising on AnimalPlea.org

  • It costs a considerable amount of money to run AnimalPlea.org and we hire developers 24/7 to ensure our site is in perfect running condition. We also have to pay for servers and computer storage in the cloud for the content that is posted daily on AnimalPlea.org. To help cover our costs and keep AnimalPlea.org running smoothly, you may find advertisements on our site which helps supports AnimalPlea.org.
  • Cookies may be used with our advertisers to track actions made on our site and others, to read more about this, check out our Privacy Policy.

7) Open platform disclosure

  • The opinions found within petitions, comments, or other content posted or represented on our platform. We don’t take any responsibility for the views of our users. We don’t actively monitor any content posted on our site for legality of accuracy. People are allowed to post links on our platform within the petition body, in the updates section, or in the comments section - if you leave our site by clicking any links found on our site, we will not be liable for anything that may happen before, or hereafter.
  • Content found on AnimalPlea.org and represented within our users petitions are the sole responsibility of each individual user themselves. We don’t endorse, or fact check any petition for it’s usefulness, safety, accuracy, or proper use of intellectual property within petition content or other areas where users submit content on AnimalPlea.org. You agree and understand that the use of AnimalPlea.org and viewing of any content heron shall be viewed at your own risk. Use of AnimalPlea.org is AS-IS and used at your own discretion and risk.
  • Reporting a violation: If you feel that someone has violated our guidelines or terms of use in any way, you can report the violation by contacting us with all necessary information for us to investigate the request and rectify the issue at hand

8) Our rights

  • AnimalPlea.org and their owner(s) retain full ownership of the AnimalPlea.org platform which includes the website and any present or future apps or services that may be developed. Our logos, code, API, and content created by our employees should NEVER be used without expressed and written permission. (We do NOT retain ownership of content provided by our users)
  • You agree that by providing any suggestions to us in any way regarding AnimalPlea.org, it is entirely voluntary and we will be free to use such feedback, suggestions, or comments as we see fit and without any obligation to you in any way.

9) Infringement of copyright

  • If you noticed that anyone’s copyright has been infringed upon by a user or our site, please contact us asap.
  • If you notice that a user on AnimalPlea.org has violated any copyright that you believe is yours, please include the following information in detail along with the URL to access the content you believe is infringing on your copyright:
    • Please indicate the exact copyrighted work that you believe is being infringed upon so we can locate the data.
    • Please include a URL or some way to access the infringing work.
    • Please provide active contact information so our agent can get in contact with you immediately.
    • Please provide a statement indicating who the copyright owner is, the indicated work infringed on an and how you have the authority to make this claim.
    • Please also include a statement that you are the agent or copyright owner (under penalty of perju ry), and that you have full authorization to act on behalf of copyright claims for the indicated con tent found on our site.

10) Legal protection for AnimalPlea.org

  • You agree to understand that AnimalPlea.org does not grantee that our platform or services will always work perfectly. We also don’t guarantee anyone that our service will always be available.
  • We do our best to keep our platform running smoothly, however we cannot guarantee any usability of our system. Our site may change, the features may change, or features may be removed, therefore we do not guarantee any usability or reliability of our platform in any way.
  • Our website itself AnimalPlea.org does not back or endorse any petition itself in any way. We do not stand for any specific cause itself since AnimalPlea.org is a platform for petitions relating to animals only.
  • From time to time we may promote or post content from AnimalPlea.org on our social media channels, however this does not directly mean in any way that we support the posted petition or other piece of content.
  • Images, graphics, and any materials found on our social media pages on line do not necessary reflect the opinion of AnimalPlea.org itself, as our website is a platform for petition only and does not hold any inherent opinion itself.
  • NO WAIVER ASSIGNMENT: If at any time we decide to waive any right for any particularly reason in any instance, this in itself does not mean that we will waive any rights as a general rule, or at any time in the future. If at any point we choose not to enforce any of our Terms of Use, this does not mean that we are waiving rights of our Terms of Use. Enforcement of our rights may happen at any time in the future. By using AnimalPlea.org in any way, you agree that we (AnimalPlea.org) will not be liable to you (the user) for any failure or delay to act on any obligation that may be found within out Terms of Use for any reason.
  • Use of AnimalPlea.org, any of it’s services or content that may be found on AnimalPlea.org is provided on a “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS-IS” basis. AnimalPlea.org does not cary ANY warranty of ANY kind for any user and for any reason. Any perceived warranty is disclaimed in all circumstances.
  • We (AnimalPlea.org) make NO assertion of any warranty for any reason including but not limited to (a) Our website, functions, services, petitions, or any content will meet your standards, requirements, or emotional tendencies. (b) Our website, functions, services, petitions, or any content will always be available. (c) Our website, functions, services, petitions, or any content is infected with any potential virus, a bug bugs, Trojan horse or any other potential destructive code that may infect your computer by a malicious attack. (d) Our website ever causes any harm to your computer, or it’s content. In this unlikely event, we will not be held liable for any monetary damages that may be incurred on any of your computer equipment by accessing AnimalPlea.org in any way. (e) Performance of a petition, or the success thereof. (f) The accuracy, reliability, or content viability found on any pages on AnimalPlea.org.
  • If you sponsor or promote any petition on our site, we don’t guarantee any results. All funds contributed through AnimalPlea.org to be used in promoting petitions is on a “AS-IS” basis and the results, petition success and effectiveness thereof are not guaranteed in any way. Any exclusion of implied warranties may not be valid in some states that do not allow, in this case, you may have other legal rights which will vary by your location. Our service is NOT guaranteed: At any time we reserve the right to remove features, services, content, or our entire site. In this case, you agree to not hold AnimalPlea.org and any of it’s advertisers, affiliates, agents or partners now and in the future for any damages due to any content removal, site interruption, or loss of functionality, usability, or availability in any way.
  • Severance: If at any time for any reason these Terms of Service become invalid, cannot be applied, found unenforceable, or illegal for any reason by the jurisdiction at hand, all Terms of Use found herein will not be severed and all items within our Terms of Service will continue to prevail as fully effective in all parts as a legally binding agreement.
  • Limitation of liability: To the maximum extent allowed under the law, AnimalPlea.org and all partners, affiliates and owners shall have no obligation or liability for any loss of data, loss of revenue, profit, loss of life, or injury and any sub-sequential damage that may incur in any form now or in the future arising from any possible reason including but not limited to (a) Inability to use any feature or service hosted on AnimalPlea.org. (b) Unauthorized access, distribution, or alteration of content within our site which was submitted on our platform in any form. (c) Advertising or third party content that may be made available now or in the future within our platform. (d) Any matter relating to the use of our website API, or other hosted API from another provider used on our site. (e) Any matter relating to email communication with AnimalPlea.org. (f) Any matter relating to other aspects or features that may be developed in the future on AnimalPlea.org.
  • Indemnity: By using AnimalPlea.org, you agree to indemnify and defend this by holding AnimalPlea.org harmless including all it’s advertisers, affiliates, partners, or any employees or agents from and against any demands, claims, losses, damages, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees or other legal fees) arising from any content you (the user) post, submit, upload, or provide to us in connection with our platform, AnimalPlea.org. This agreement of your indemnification obligation outlined here shall survive the cancellation, termination, or alteration of any of these Terms of Use regarding AnimalPlea.org and the use of all services available now and in the future on our platform and services.

11) Binding agreement

  • By accessing our platforms (AnimalPlea.org) in any way, including all features now and in the future, you agree to our Terms of Use and all guidelines including all stipulations described herein. By using our platform, you consent to allow AnimalPlea.org to collect, use, and share your information and anything you input pertaining to yourself (the user) as provided to us on our platform and in correspondence with our Privacy Policy. If you are a company, organization, government, or other legal entity and decide to accept these terms by using our platform and website, you must ensure that you, the representative, are authorized to represent that legal entity.
    • 12) Resolution of disputes

    • Language conflicts of Terms of Use: In the event that a dispute is carried out, the English translation of our Terms of Use shall prevail and remain the effective version.
    • If you have a claim, dispute, question, or disagreement regarding these Terms of Use or in the event of an alleged breach of contract, we will use our respective highest efforts to settle the dispute in question. If any party has a dispute which arises from our Terms of Use, they must send us an official document outlying all aspects of the dispute as a “Notice of Dispute”
    • At the receipt of your Notice of Dispute document, we shall shall negotiate together in good faith and attempt to reach a fair and understandable solution which shall be deemed satisfactory to both parties.
    • In the event that we are not able to reach an equitable solution to your dispute, within 120 days of the initial notice, all other subsequent legal proceedings may concur, within the Washington State court system (United States). Court location shall be decided and designated by AnimalPlea.org after your interest to seek subsequent legal proceedings.

    How to get in touch with us

    If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us and we’d be happy to help. The best way to get in touch with us is via our contact form or email address.

    We appreciate your help in giving a voice to the voiceless. If animals could speak, they would say thank you!