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Stop Cruel Ritual Of Spinning Dogs Alive In Bulgaria - Sign the petition!

Petitioning: Ministry of the Interior Bulgaria
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James Rob..
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Cruel people take live dogs and puppies, then tie them high up with strings around their bodies. The rope and string is strangulating them as they spin motionless and unconscious of their surroundings, then they drop to the ground. The jeering and taunting continue as dog after dog is spun and traumatized.

Many times the dogs who are subjected to this cruel treatment don't even have a chance to take a breath as they plunge into freezing water below. (You can read more about Dog Spinning here: Wikipedia)

These people who participate in this barbarian act of animal torture believe that the act of spinning the dogs will ward off evil spirits! This disgusting hell-bent ritual needs to END.

The Bulgarian Mayor responded a few years ago that the "Dog Spinning" was Ritual Harmless Folklore, Not Barbarian... Sadly we don't agree with this and stand against such acts of violence towards innocent dogs.

If we don't speak up, who will speak for the poor tortured dogs?

Unfortunately, cruel people continue to spin dogs in rural areas in Bulgaria. This 'spiritual' practice and ritual was apparently banned in 2006, however occurrence are still being reported and the evil acts of abuse continue to happen. The enforcement and police have ignored the abuse and have not acted on enforcing the BAN on spinning live dogs!

You can watch the following post via Facebook that was just posted November 30, 2016 showing these acts, which still continue to this day!

We are sending this petition to the Ministry of interior and Mayor demanding that this cruel act is stopped and enforcement is taken to ensure cruel acts of torture like this do NOT happen in the future ever again.

By adding our signature and signing this petition, you will help stop this absolute hell-bent practice of cruel abuse and torture!

Thank you for your support and help by SIGNING and SHARING below:

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