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She Starved 10 Horses Calling It A "Rescue Operation," Now She's Getting Them Back...

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Authorities have recently removed over 10 horses from a rescue sanctuary that was horribly failing to care for these animals. Crystal Davis, owner of A Life Saved is A Life Saved, has been charged 12 counts of animal cruelty for not feeding and caring for the animals at her so-called sanctuary, but it gets even worse... (image via: extensionhorses)

After a search warrant was issued, police found 10 horses that, according to the Henneke Horse Body Conditioning Scoring System, were extremely thin and were diagnosed with pneumonia and anemia due to the lack of proper shelter, food and water, and veterinary care. A foal in Davis’ care was hospitalized shortly after being rescued.

Although these animals have been placed in a proper rescue facility and are recovering very well—some of the horses have gained as much as 150 pounds—Davis has promised to go to court and fight to reclaim the animals. Even though the facts are against her, Davis insists that she will win this case and return to “caring” for the animals. It's very clear that she's unable to properly take care of animals and allowing her to continue this abuse would be absurd!

We need your help to ban Crystal Davis from ever handling animals again by signing this petition!  Anyone who has been charged with 12 counts of animal cruilty does NOT deserve to take these horses back!

These horses have been through enough; PLEASE sign this petition to stop any further abuse!

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