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Punish girl who told bystanders "Dogs can fly," and tossed dog from bridge!

Petitioning: Palm Beach Sheriff Dept

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A girl was recently seen throwing a dog over a bridge.  She later told authorities after being asked why she did it "cause dogs can fly" The girl was seen throwing the dog off the Blue Heron Boulevard Bridge in Riviera beach.

The dog named BJ is a eight-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix.  He was in a lot of pain after being thrown aprox. 40-50 feet clear off the bridge at around 3:40 PM on January 19, 2017.

Luckily the dog was still alive, but his poor body was crushed from the impact and he can;t sit up because of the horrible drop.  He was yelping very bad and people had to turn their eyes away after seeing the dog in so much shock and pain.

The girl who tossed the dog off the bridge later laughed and then took off her clothes and went into the water, witnesses said. according to The SunSentinel.



The girl has not ben charged at this time, but was taken for a mental health evaluation.

The girls age is unknown and authorities told "If the dog survives, Animal Care and Control says it’s highly unlikely it will be returned to the owner."

The parents of this girl should be charged and the girl together for doing such a horrible thing to an innocent dog.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition urging authorities to press charges on the girl and parents for allowing this to happen.

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