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Max penalty for thug who coaxed a sweet cat close enough, then kicked him on video

Petitioning: South London Suray Police

James Rob..
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The recently reported on September 14, 2016 of a horrible incident which involved a thug in South London, Suray who coaxed a sweet kitty close enough to pet. After stroking the sweet pet, the evil man got close enough and gave him a swift strike, nearly killing the frightened and traumatized cat.

Moments later the cat flew through the air in a unbelievable act of violence. We cannot imagine anyone could be so heartless to do such a thing, but it was recorded on camera.

The cat may live through it's life with trauma from this horrible act of abuse, but the mean and rude thug who did this act has got away completely free as we know!

After a police investigation with someone they "thought" was the culprit, the EveningStandard. News reported that he was let off free with no charges.

The real culprit has got away and it's almost certain that this will happen again to another innocent cat unless this act is taken seriously.

RSPCA has got involved and others have asked for people to report anyone with the description, however the man has not been found and as of right now the investigation has been laid to rest.

We are petitioning the The Suray police to continue their investigation and use all their means to find this animal abuser and prosecute him to the maximum extent.

No animal ever deserved to be treated like this, especially a poor innocent cat who thought he was going to be petted, but instead was rudely kicked with the utmost violence.

You can watch the video below, but viewer discretion is advised:

Please SIGN this petiting asking that this case is not dropped and that the man who did this is found and held responsible. Thank you.

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