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Demand punishment for women who has pet cat butchered and skinned alive

Petitioning: Ruan Chengfa Yunnan Governor

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This Chinese women in the city of Lijiang city, Yunnan Province purchased a British Shorthair cat for £305, but then decided she did not have money to raise the cat.  She demanded a refund, but the store said they could not refund her. - After the refusal she got very angry and skinned the cat alive and had the cat butchered. (SOURCE: People's Daily) (Image source: Weibo)


The pet shop's owner discovered a black bad outside his shop on January 8, 2017 right before closing. The owner was horrified to find the skinned and butchered kitty inside of the bag.

This devastating news was posted via reported on January 11, 2017.  The most horrific case of animal abuse ever and justice has still yet to happen!

Before the Chinese women dumped the carcase of the cat outside a pet shop, she had the cat skinned alive - one of the most brutal ways of killing anyone could imagine for a poor innocent cat.

When she first purchased the cat, the photo below was taken by the pet shop owner.


Null"Ms Sheng said that judging from the patterns around the cat's nose and right eye, she realised that he was the feline she had sold five days ago.

She said: 'After hearing about it, my first thought was how could someone's mind be so twisted?

'Perhaps these are strong words, but the cute small animal did nothing wrong, and he was a life. Why did this cruel woman have the right to decide his life or death?'

You can see the graphic image below of what was left of the cat after the pet owner discovered the discarded bloody caracas stuffed in the black bag outside the store...


On January 10, Lan Yan issued a public apology through a hand-written letter and a video posted on social media." (via

While making her public apology, she claimed that she couldn't pay rent and because the shop would not give her a refund, she was forced the skin and sacrifice the cat in her anger. - She admitted to killing the cat in her video, but said that she could not butcher it herself, so she got help from a local butcher because she stated 'I am afraid of seeing blood' stated

She admitted to the killing of the cat in the video. She added that she had not kill the cat herself, instead she asked a butcher to do it because 'I am afraid of seeing blood'.

Lan Yan concluded her apology by saying: 'Please forgive me. Please forgive me as a sinner.'


Reportedly the police are "carrying out investigation," but as you know in China justice usually doesn't happen unless a outcry is placed publicly.

Wendy Higgins commented via DailMail: 'This poor cat will have endured utterly appalling suffering simply, it would seem, so that the lady could enact some kind of revenge on the pet shop owner.'

Because of this horrific event that just occurred, we are urging the Chinese authorities to introduce 'robust' animal protection laws that will help prevent innocent animals from such cruelty in the future.

China’s first animal protection law was drafted in 2010, according to PETA, but no further protection laws have been created and authorities are quick to turn a blind eye to cruelty like this.

We need your help to sign this petition asking that the draft which is currently being considered by Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to protect agains animal cruelty will pass and be instituted. - This is just another reason why China needs better laws concerning animal rights.

We need your help by SIGNING and SHARING to spread the word and demand better laws. - We are also asking in this petition that Lan Yan is punished fully. Her apology is not enough for the sickening acts which were committed.

If you want to help, there's still something you can do - we need to demand that China instates better laws - After this event has hit public news, it's a perfect time to show China that things like this are NOT ok.  NO animal cruelty is ok in any way including the Yulin festival or any actions which torture or kill innocent pets and animals!! -

Some may be skeptical and think this story is false or fake, but it is NOT and was reported by many major news organizations including,, and even People's Daily!

Please help by sharing this with everyone you know so we can make a change and bring worldwide attention to this asap!!

No innocent kitty deserves to be skinned alive like this, please help demand justice now—Please SIGN and SHARE with everyone!

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