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Demand punishment for thugs who cut dog's ears off and posed for photos!

Petitioning: ISPARTA MAYOR
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A poor innocent dog had his ears brutally cut off by some horrible evil guys and the images were posted to social media. Since the story and pictures have gone viral across the internet and we need your help to STOP these thugs in their tracks!

I wanted to start this petition asking for justice to be made for this defenseless doggie who never did anything wrong. I am asking that you sign my petition demanding that justice is brought to the cruel monsters who tortured and cut off the ears of the dog seen in these pictures. - We need your signature more than ever now demanding justice for what happened! Please SIGN and share. (continue reading for full story, warning graphic!)

The images were published via social media and then confirmed by local newspapers in Turkey which tell the horrific story of a sweet dog who had his ears destroyed by two evil guys who hold dog fighting events. Both can be seen posing in the image. The horrible guys responsible for this sickening act are identified as Hasan Kuzu (seen posing in the images on the left) and Neset Yaman (seen on the right side). We have reason to believe that these two thugs are also likely involved in an extended dog fighting ring.

The reason they cut the dogs ears off? Reports from around the internet claim that the dog lost in a dog fight against another dog, so his owners (the two guys pictured) wanted to teach the dog a lesson, they cut his ears off in the most crude and ugly way possible. A sickening act that I will never forget.

These horrible guys held the poor dog down and cut his ears off as the poor dog's ears with a sharp knife. His cries from pain and agony could be heard from a long distance. They even had a friend record the entire scene which was then uploaded online!!! - Since, the howling video depicting the massacre of the dog's ears was uploaded online, It was then deleted after the cruel people learned people were angry and they might get in trouble.

Someone did catch some of the screenshots of the video which tell the sickening story of the poor dog with his ears being cut off.  Later these guys were identified, but STILL not caught and NO punishment has been given!! There is no update currently on the dogs condition and most likely he will be forced to fight yet again! (Warning graphic)


After the dog's ears were cut off with a sharp knife, the results can be seen below:


The attackers seen below via their Facebook profile - Hasan Kuzu (seen posing in the images on the left) and Neset Yaman (seen on the right side)


These horrible sicko's live in the municipality of Isparta, Turkey and have most likely done things like this in the past - they need to be STOPPED before it's too late! - You can also see the recent news source who just featured this horrific story, showing it's legitimacy:

According to Turkish law Article 8, Protection of Animals no. 5199, the law strictly prohibits the removal of a dog’s ears, tails, nails, teeth and vocal cords under any circumstances. - Sadly this man is likely to get away with the crime if Turkish authorities aren't pressured to press charges and punish the cruel thugs who did these horrible acts.

If you want to help in the best way possible, you can SHARE it everywhere you can and SIGN the petition!

Please, I am asking you that you PLEASE support this petition by signing and sharing, we must demand justice NOW from the Turkish authorities and punish these thugs!!!

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