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He Poured Gasoline All Over A Kitten And Set Her On Fire... Cat Burned Alive Almost Died!

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A cat was discovered with horrible burns in a cornfield and reported on January 13, 2017 via - The inhumane act was noticed by a retired firefighter, Steve Wright. He had spotted the flames and went quickly over to investigate - at first, he thought it could've been a car fire, but he was completely shocked to discovered the poor, wounded feline.

The cat had been soaked in gasoline and tied up so she could barely move. A firecracker was placed on top of her head, but luckily that did not go off. The poor animal eventually landed in a puddle of water that helped stop some of the flames.

The kitty was rushed to Purdue Animal Hospital in Crawfordsville, Indiana for immediate treatment. Even though the cat is expected to survive the horrible burns, the kitty is expected to have a long road to recovery. Her ears are torn apart and her fur is completely gone, with bare skin showing, according to the the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County, Misha Anderson.

Numerous posts sprang up on social media about the cat, and had shown sympathy and support for the poor animal. A few days later the attacked turned himself into the police. 19-year-old Noah Riley stated that he had "wanted to make things right, because he was extremely bothered by all the attention the animal received [on social media]. He gave no other explanations to the police.

He was jealous of all the attention the cat was getting, as if he should have been the one in the spotlight. 

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This twisted teenager needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He should be brought to justice for the abuse of an innocent animal. Such people do not deserve to be free, where they can be a threat to society and are likely to do such acts of violence again unless they learn what consequences are.

Please sign this petition to demand mandatory jail time for Noah Riley. We support the maximum penalty for this animal abuser stipulated by law.

This animal did nothing to deserve such cruelty and we must make sure this does not happen again by the hands of such a horrific person. - Please sign my petition below demanding that justice is given!!

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